F. (31 year old business manager with multiple branches) and I have been a happy couple for six months now and along with my son we make a fantastic new family. He has now asked me to marry him and I wholeheartedly replied “Yes!” We have already chosen the date and we just wanted to offer you our heartfelt thanks, without your agency we would never have met. Thanks to you Audrey and your team!

C. 34 year old, manager of beauty salon

Dear Audrey,

I saw A. (46 year old doctor) on Saturday and we will be seeing each other again tonight.

It has been a fairytale, I can hardly believe it. Simply amazing!

I don’t know what to think, I do not even dare to think. I think this is it and so does she.

Thank you so much, will let you know what happens!

H. 47 years old, businessman

H. and A. have been a happy couple for many years now, although it was hard at first having to cope with 100 km between their home towns. But they have now built a magnificent house and are living there together

I really wanted to thank you for the inspired intuition you had to introduce me to H. (47 year old businessman).

We hit it off so well and the future looks promising. Never thought this would happen to me.

I will let you know how things go!

A. 46 years old, doctor

Last week I met F. (58, business manager) on a date that you arranged. Everything went really well. He is an honest, friendly, sporty and active man. This weekend we met up again and we really did just click, we have many shared interests and can talk for ages whilst enjoying each other’s company. He is a hard worker who has achieved many things, I really do respect that.

I have to say we are a tender loving couple! I just hope that my youthful looking F. thinks the same way. So, as far as I am concerned no more dates are needed, I am happy!

H. 52 year old, self employed in the travel sector

F. thinks and feels the same way about his H. and together they have been a wonderfully happy couple for many years now

Thank you for introducing me to E. (aged 28). The first date was a great success and we have already arranged to meet up next weekend. She ticked all the boxes for what I am looking for in a woman! I will definitely keep you informed of how things go.

K. 32 years old, entrepreneur

K. and E. are a happy couple who have now been living together for three years

Dear R&F and team,

M. (aged 47, self employed) was the woman I was looking for. I am totally certain of that.

Thanks for all the help your agency gave me!

F. 51 year old (property management)