Additional services

  1. Intake & coaching

    The intake meeting is more than just the creation of a personality card, we take the time to get to know you as a person and to explain our services and additional services. You do not need to come to our office, we are pleased to visit you at home. The possibility also exists to schedule the intake meeting via a Skype connection, we then provide you with all the documents online. The intake meeting is free of obligation and you are not held to take out a membership; that is also why we consider it an additional service and why we charge a small once-only fee for it, 75,- euro/hour.

  1. Single coaching

    Clearly a part of this service has already been embedded in the membership as you can always rely on our personal coaching and advice. 

    Should you require an additional personal meeting in connection with specific questions about dating, relationships, a dip, .... then you can always schedule an appointment for this.

  1. Styling

    A new start, ready to meet the love of your life? Sometimes a few styling and clothing tips can give you just that little bit of extra self-confidence that will give your appeal a tremendous boost.

    Schedule an appointment with our styling consultant!

  1. Date organisation

    Most of our members plan their first introduction together, of course we recommend to keep the first contact simple and to meet at a neutral location. When you register we are pleased to give you some tips about this.

    If you do want us to organise the date then it goes without saying that you can rely on us.

    For VIP-Exclusive members we can also plan a special casting.


    For more information and our fees: contact us free of obligation.