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VIP's in the spotlight

VIP: Region Flemish Brabant, 71 years old, female

Self-employed lady

This stylish, discrete and enterprising lady with brown hair and green eyes, works in the real estate sector. In her spare time she travels, goes out for dinner or enjoys cultural activities. She is also renovating a holiday residence in Malmedy, an exciting new project. Wants to meet a dynamic man with humor and a strong personality. Age 55-68.

VIP: Region Brussels, 66 years old, female

Classy lady – businesswoman

This lady with status was a self-employed businesswoman, then decided to dedicate herself to the education of her son and to her personal interests. She has always traveled a lot, loves humor and has strong classical values: honesty, respect, harmony. Her family is important to her. She likes sport, is a music lover and lives in a very healthy way. Wants to meet a man who likes to take initiatives - honest, discrete and stylish. Age 50-60 yrs.

VIP: Region West Flanders, 55 years old, male

Sales director

This man is handsome and tall and has a stylish, distinguished look without being conceited. For him, it's all about the company around him. He is happy, when the people around him are. As long as the company is good, he is open to any challenge. He speaks with a warm heart about his three children and is committed to keep working on that connection. He has a busy business life, paired with an active private life so it is important that he can meet a woman that is willing to integrate in that lifestyle; without losing her own personal life. He preferres a natural beauty between 35 and 48 years.

VIP: Region Flemish Brabant, 41 years old, male

Self-employed Director

This dynamic Director has a positive attitude and lives with passion. He has already achieved a lot. He likes spending quality time with family and friends. An attractive, sparkling lady can certainly fascinate him. Aged between 25 and 35.

VIP: Region East Flanders, 52 years old, male

Managing Director

His eyes are striking. This 41-year-old Managing Director is attractive and ambitious. He is social, but also loves homely cosiness in a quiet residential area. He wants to meet a fair and dynamic lady with a nice appearance, who likes children. Age 30-40y

VIP: Region West Flanders, 43 years old, male


This hardworking, thoughtful man would like to meet a woman of about his age. A lady who is ready to settle down and possibly wants children. He wants her to be intelligent and classy. He wants both beauty and brains.

VIP: Region West Flanders, 53 years old, male

Independant entrepreneur

This is a handsome man, who may look a bit reserved at first sight, but once you get to know him you will immediately be taken by his warm personality. He is a romantic soul and loves in-depth conversations. He would like to meet a tall and slender woman between the ages of 30 and 40 years, with a caring, nurturing character. Someone who understands his hectic lifestyle and wants to start a family with him.

VIP: Region Walloon Brabant, 65 years old, female

Independent physician - specialist

This independent physician is honest, natural, spontaneous - and very sporty. She likes to get some fresh air! She plays tennis, loves to travel and to do cultural activities. She wants to meet an active and charismatic man who has a rich personality, and who is self-confident with respect for others.

VIP: Region Flemish Brabant, 47 years old, female

Energetic business teacher and owner

This attractive and classy young woman is firm, confident and assertive in life. She is a business teacher and also runs her own business in beauty care. She loves speed and thrills, discovery and travel. Wishes to meet a sporty, dynamic man with charisma - he may also be a bit challenging ;)

VIP: Region West Flanders, 39 years old, female

Slim and spirited woman - management assistant

A slender, attractive woman who thanks her exotic appearance to her Indian roots. She was adopted and has fully integrated. A stable person; her permanent job allows her to make good use of her creativity and sense of responsibility. Life is about te little things; she is looking for someone who shares this vision. She is a very active person who takes good care of her body. She is passionate about foreign languages. The man that she would like to meet leads a steady life, has a caring and humurous personality and loves a spirited woman. He is certainly not a jealous type. Chivelry is not dead and will go a long way for her!