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VIP: Region Antwerp, 75 years old, male


67-year old CEO who is living a very rewarding and full life. He is sophisticated, intelligent, kind and generous. He loves and collects art; he paints and sculpts. Well spoken, well read and well traveled. A very acitve and interesting person. He knows who he is and what he wants. She is a mature, elegant and wise woman of 46/55 years-old. Slim & fit body, brunette, natural beauty. A very intriguing woman who has stories to tell. Genuine & kind, someone who loves to share. She currently lives in Belgium.

VIP: Region Antwerp, 47 years old, male


He is ambitious, a business genius with a strong personality. On a personal level he is caring and sweet. A 39-year old, tall, handsome and stylish man who is ready to, preferably with his future family, enjoy the "now". He is a true man of the world, he knows what he wants and he goes straight for it. His future wife is tall, has a great body, is a natural beauty and is 27 to 32 years old. She doesn't have children but she absolutely wants to start a family. Honest, repectful, loyal and spontaneous; she takes initiative. A "no-nonsense" woman who dislikes routine.

VIP: Region East Flanders, 49 years old, female

Marine Consultant

This pretty and stylish lady with medium length brown hair and brown eyes, has built an internationally oriented career. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, a nice dinner, cultural activities, and quality time with her son. Wants to meet an enterprising, independent man with a strong personality, aged 40-50.

VIP: Region Walloon Brabant, 53 years old, male

Business Owner - Director

This charismatic man manages his own accounting and tax advice firm. His hobbies include golf, swimming, long trips and city trips - as long as the sun is present! He attaches great importance to the family unit. Wants to meet an ambitious, elegant lady, calm and positive. Age 30-40 years.

VIP: Region East Flanders, 57 years old, female

Manager, tourism sector

This refined lady with half long blonde hair and green eyes has a peaceful and confident look. In the tourism sector, she held various positions in which she established many international contacts. For several years she ran her own hotel business. She comes to rest at home - in her spare time she restores antiques. Wants to meet a man with presence, respectful and caring, with a sense of humor. Age 48-58 yrs.

VIP: Region Antwerp, 61 years old, female

Membre VIP Exclusif

Cette dame charmante veut faire la connaissance d'un homme charmant, attentif, bien soigné et d'une éducation universitaire. Il aime voyager, aller au restaurant, converser et il est un homme passioné. De préférence, il a 45 à 55 ans. Êtes-vous cet homme ? Joignez-nous et R&F organise un rendez-vous romantique pour vous !

VIP: Region East Flanders, 37 years old, female

Social Nurse (medical examinations of children) and self-employed Translator/ Interpreter

This enterprising young woman surprises immediately by her charisma and elegance. She is romantic but also realistic ... soft, warm, sensitive, passionate, sensual...with one word: multifaceted... She likes to be a Woman in the real sense of this word. She has broad cultural interests due to her Eastern European roots. She likes conversations with depth. In her spare time she loves going out for dinner, travelling to exotic countries and playing the piano. Wants to meet an active man with charisma, strong personality, character and humor(very important!). Age 28-45 yrs.

VIP: Region West Flanders, 52 years old, male

Company manager

This gentleman is a goodlooking, sporty businessman, in a good shape. He is the father of three children, has a calm, caring nature and would like to meet a lady between 30 and 35 who goes through life smiling and is very romantic, just like him. A lady who is interested in sport certainly has an edge!

VIP: Region Brussels, 58 years old, male

Embassy employee

This sporty man who also loves sports cars, has broad interests in life. He regularly travels within Europe and abroad. His social activities include dining out, going to the cinema and the theater ... He also enjoys hiking and photography. Would like to meet an elegant and refined lady who shares his passions, age 35-48.

VIP: Region Flemish Brabant, 35 years old, male

VIP Exclusive Member

VIP Exclusive Member This young gentleman would love to meet a young lady (20 to 26 years old) who is ambitious and smart. She is slender and, preferably, she loves to work out. He specifically prefers a woman of Chinese or Japanese heritage who speaks Dutch or English. You believe to be this single lady? Do send us your contact information; we might send you on a date with this handsome young man!