Advice from our dating coaches!

Hello R&F Introductions, when I’m expected on a first date, I get very nervous. Would you mind sharing some tips?

Tips for a successful first date

  • Think positive! Even though you’ve had a lousy day and nothing is going your way! Every single one of us is looking for that partner that has a positive look on life; someone cheerful!  So whatever you do, do not start complaining when on a date. Nobody is looking for that person! Stay positive!! 
  • Show up groomed and stylish! Spend attention to your appearance, clothes and make-up (don’t overdo it and take it easy on the perfume); good looking teeth are an absolute must! If you need help, contact a stylist; R&F Introductions also offers this service!
  • Plan! Make sure you arrive on time by checking the route and meeting point before leaving. Both you and your date will get nervous when one of you gets there late. You’ve arrived too early? No need to worry, take your time to have another look in the mirror for a final check-up!
  • Show an interest! Ask questions and get to know each other in a superficial way on a first date; make sure to keep the conversation light! Talking about your ex is absolutely not done on a first date! 
  • What’s next: If you don’t feel the need to continue seeing each other, be honest but respectful! Did you like your first night out and do you want see him/her again? Gentlemen would send her a message to thank her for the nice evening and ask her out on a second date! Ladies, be patient and don’t overwhelm your date by spamming him with messages.
Written by Audrey – Personal Matchmaker R&F Introductions