VIP Personal Matchmaking formula

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We are well known for their high quality, professional and most importantly discrete services in the area of matchmaking.

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VIP personal matchmaking  formula:

Every year we offer a select group of individuals the opportunity to become VIP or VIP priority Member.

The Crème de la Crème of the business world, politicians and celebrities have already discovered that this was that right formula for them!
On your journey to find your new life partner we really do believe we can help you with our highly personalised, dedicated high quality service.

How do we work?

We operate in a different way to conventional relationship agencies, where introductions are only made between registered members. We do this by offering our VIP Exclusive Members our “personal headhunting services”, which involves looking beyond our own members by using our know-how and connections in order to find the perfect person for you.

Together we have a joint goal; finding your perfect other half!