Dating @ R&F Introductions

Receive & contact your matches through WhatsApp!


Are you disappointed in the level of online dating sites? Singles Club @R&F introductions is different!

Do you want to have all the advantages a dating agency has to offer but do you still want to be in control and date while the authenticity of profiles and pictures is 100% guaranteed? We can make it happen!!


How to become a member:

  • Make up a free profile through following link, send us your basic information through follwoing contact form, or give us a call: +32.496.18.18.81
  • In order to verify your profile, and before you are able to become a member, we will always contact you by phone. You would also like to know who you are dating.
  • Only if we have enough matches for you, we will allow you to become a member at R&F Introductions. This way we avoid disappointments, and guarantee a satisfying number of introductions. The majority of our members have a university degree, are managers, self-employed ...and are attractive and stylish singles!!
  • You either receive all needed forms to activate your membership by e-mail or you opt for an intake meeting and you leave the drafting of your profile in our capable hands.

Our approach

  • As soon as your membership is activated, our team of matchmakers will look for the right profile for you. You will receive your matches through Whatsapp!
  • Your privacy is ensured, nobody has insight in your profile, only when there is a match, you will receive each others information

  • All communications runs through Whatsapp. Always let us know how the date was, and if you wish to receive new matches.

The Singles Club advantages 

  • Verified and 100% screened profiles. All matches come with pictures and basic information.
  • No extra app or mail is needed, we have enough of those ;) Whatsapp is the only thing you need to communicate and receive matches!
  • Personalised matches, found for you by our experienced matchmakers: high succesrate!

  • You can immediately start a conversation with your match, and meet up for a nice date!

  • Singles Club is the newest and uniquest datingservice in Benelux! Founder is R&F Introductions!

  • You can also choose for our VIP & VIP exclusive members!

  • We will also match you with our VIP exclusive members & superior members

Singles Club memberhip fee:

499,- euros for the full period of 12 months (split payments possible), with contact guarantees! 


Register without obligations!