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Meet stylish & classy singles!


Are you disappointed in the level of online dating sites? R&F Introductions is different!

Do you want to have all the advantages a dating agency has to offer but do you still want to be in control and date online while the authenticity of profiles and pictures is 100% guaranteed? We can make it happen!!

How to become a member:

  • Send us your details, without obligations, using our contact form or give us a call: 0496/18.18.81
  • In order to verify your profile, and before you are able to become a member, we will always contact you by phone. You, as well, would like to know who you are dating.
  • Only if we have enough profiles to present you with, we will allow you to become an R&F member. This to avoid disappointments and to guarantee a satisfying number of introductions. The majority of our members have a university degree, are managers, self-employed ...and are attractive and stylish singles!!
  • You either receive all needed forms to activate your membership by e-mail or you opt for an intake meeting and you leave the drafting of your profile in our capable hands.

Our approach:

  • As soon as your membership has been completed, you will get access to our search engine. You can then use our secure and anonymous mailbox to get in touch with other members. Pictures will only be visible with your permission!
  • You will receive a notification e-mail when you have a new message. Using your login data you can then access the profile of the sender and reply to the message.

The advantages:

  • Your privacy is key: the visible part of your profile does not contain personal information and is only accessible to R&F members. You decide which members get to see your pictures and contact details!
  • R&F stands for quality and not for quantity: you will not find the big crowds that you find on most ordinary dating sites, just those persons who fit our target group. With R&F you find those singles that are most desired!
  • Only screened profiles: R&F guarantees a safe way to communicate and meet!
  • At all times you can count on one of our dating-coaches for professional advice.
  • We will also match you with our VIP exclusive members & superior members


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